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<span style='color: #003366;'>12 String ROTOSOUND Jumbo King JK30EL</span> <span style='color: #993366;'>Phosphor Bronze</span>12 String ROTOSOUND Jumbo King JK30EL Phosphor Bronze
Handmade in England, the Jumbo King phosphor bronze range by Rotosound is noted for its warm tone, clarity and excellent sustain.

gauge: 10,10 / 14,14 / 24w,8 / 30w,12 / 40w,18 / 48w, 28w

Price: (1 to 1 items) 8.99
Price: (2 to 2 items) 8.75
Price: (3 or more items) 8.50

<span style='color: #000080;'>12 STRING D'ADDARIO EXP38</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Extended Play Phosphor Bronze </span>12 STRING D'ADDARIO EXP38 Extended Play Phosphor Bronze
Manufactured using D'Addario's ultra thin coating technology these are possibly the best phosphor bronze precoated strings available. We think with better sustain and longerlasting than Elixirs. Lasts 3-4 times longer than a a regular set but still retails the feel and sound of traditional strings.

12 String - Extra Light - 10/10 14/14 23/8 30/12 39/18 47/27
RRP £27.99
Price: 19.50

Online Catalogue | 12-String Guitar Strings |  Acoustic

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