Bouzouki Strings

<span style='color: #000080;'>D'Addario J97 Bouzouki-Greek</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Nickelplated Steel</span> Loop EndD'Addario J97 Bouzouki-Greek Nickelplated Steel Loop End
J97 Bouzouki strings are specifically for Greek Bouzouki tuning CFAD. The sets are made up of plain steel loop end strings and nickel plated steel wound loop end strings. D'Addario J97 strings are noted for their crisp, bright tone.
Gauges: (D)10,10 (A)13,13 (F)22w,10 (C)28w,13
Price: (1 to 1 items) 4.95
Price: (2 to 5 items) 4.75
Price: (6 or more items) 4.50


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