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<span style='color: #333399;'>GOLD PEARL</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Celluloid  Plectrum Standard Shape</span>GOLD PEARL Celluloid Plectrum Standard Shape
Regular standard shape in classic celluloid for smooth release. As close as you can get to the original tortoiseshell feel.
Price: (1 to 11 items) 0.32
Price: (12 to 23 items) 0.29
Price: (24 or more items) 0.27

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0.5mm    0.7mm    0.9mm   

<span style='color: #000080;'>GOLD PEARL</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Rounded-Triangle (wedge shaped) Celluloid Plectrum</span>GOLD PEARL Rounded-Triangle (wedge shaped) Celluloid Plectrum
Shape favoured by many guitarists as it has a large surface area. Also it has 3 identical striking points so as one wears down it can be turned to a new one.
Price: (1 to 11 items) 0.55
Price: (12 to 71 items) 0.50
Price: (72 or more items) 0.45

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CLAYTON DELRIN Standard Shape  (12 Packs)CLAYTON DELRIN Standard Shape (12 Packs)

Price: 2.40


<span style='color: #000080;'>Planet Waves</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Celluloid Plectrum Standard Shape</span>Planet Waves Celluloid Plectrum Standard Shape
Planet Waves celluloid plectrums help harmonise guitar and musician by delivering back an accurate feel from the strings as you play. The plectrum shown is the 1.0mm gauge in silver pearl pattern. The 0.7mm gauge is tortoiseshell design.
Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.35
Price: (6 to 11 items) 0.32
Price: (12 or more items) 0.30

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1.0mm silver pearl   
0.7mm tortoiseshell   

<span style='color: #000080;'>Planet Waves</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>DELFLEX NYLON</span> Standard shapePlanet Waves DELFLEX NYLON Standard shape
A firm favourite with music schools, guitar teachers and many of our customers, DELFLEX injection moulded picks are precision made with smooth edges and raised lettering for better grip. These picks offer quality and great value for money.
Price: (1 to 9 items) 0.32
Price: (10 to 49 items) 0.30
Price: (50 to 99 items) 0.28
Price: (100 or more items) 0.25

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1.04mm blue   
0.61mm orange   
0.46mm red   

<span style='color: #993366;'>DELRIN Standard Teardrop Picks</span> <span style='color: #003366;'>by Planet Waves</span>DELRIN Standard Teardrop Picks by Planet Waves
Planet Waves DELRIN picks are precision die cut and tumbled. The picks have a unique matte finish for improved grip and offer maximum memory with minimal wear.
Price: (1 to 2 items) 0.38
Price: (3 to 11 items) 0.35
Price: (12 or more items) 0.32

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0.60mm orange Light   
0.70mm yellow Light-Medium   
0.84mm green Medium   
1.0mm blue Medium-Heavy   
1.09mm purple Heavy   

DELRIN Trangles by Planet WavesDELRIN Trangles by Planet Waves

Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.45
Price: (6 or more items) 0.42

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0.46mm red Super Light   
0.61mm orange Light   
0.69mm yellow Light-Medium   
0.84mm green Medium   
1.00mm blue Medium-Heavy   
1.10mm purple Heavy   

<span style='color: #000080;'>ROKPIK</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Graphite Pick 1.0mm</span>ROKPIK Graphite Pick 1.0mm
Designed for lead guitar or heavy rock, polymer bonded graphite provides smooth string release and a unique tone with reduced plectrum "click".
Price: (2 or fewer items) 0.50
Price: (3 to 9 items) 0.47
Price: (10 or more items) 0.45

Standard shape - developed by Dunlop as a replacement for tortoiseshell, Tortex picks with their characteristic "grippy feel" have minimum wear and maximum memory.
Price: (5 or fewer items) 0.46
Price: (6 to 11 items) 0.43
Price: (12 or more items) 0.40

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<span style='color: #000080;'>DUNLOP GATOR GRIP</span> StandardDUNLOP GATOR GRIP Standard
Gator Grips have a nonslip surface that keep them firmly in your grip - even during your most frenzied solos and power chords.
Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.52
Price: (6 to 11 items) 0.48
Price: (12 or more items) 0.45

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DUNLOP ULTEX - <span style='color: #333399;'>Standard Shape</span>DUNLOP ULTEX - Standard Shape
This is it. That one simple thing that can ignite your playing - The Ultex Pick. Dig in and grind, then jump to delicate, fluttering lines. Impossibly hard yet absolutely responsive, these picks will reveal every flicker of emotion in your playing and still add brutal bite to the heaviest power cord you can unleash. They're also virtually indestructible, hanging tough through countless pick slide, windmills, and other insanity. The best pick ever made?......Maybe !

Price: (1 to 2 items) 0.65
Price: (3 to 5 items) 0.62
Price: (6 to 11 items) 0.60
Price: (12 or more items) 0.55

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<span style='color: #000080;'>DUNLOP</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Small/Jazz STUBBY</span>DUNLOP Small/Jazz STUBBY
The famous Dunlop Stubby pick contoured for smooth release. These picks - just 2cm wide - provide an extremely positive attack for super-fast licks and come in gauges 1mm(Red), 2mm(Blue) and 3mm(Purple). Manufactured from Lexan®, providing great strength and durability. Stubbies have a powerful gripping surface for easier handling.
Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.75
Price: (6 or more items) 0.72

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1mm red    2mm blue    3mm purple   

<span style='color: #000080;'>DUNLOP</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>BIG STUBBY PICK</span>DUNLOP BIG STUBBY PICK
2.5cm wide and in gauges 1, 2 and 3mm, Big Stubbies are manufactured from Lexan providing great strength and durability with a powerful gripping surface for easier handling. Contoured for smooth release, these picks provide an extremely positive attack for super-fast licks.
Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.75
Price: (6 or more items) 0.72

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2mm blue     

<span style='color: #000080;'>DUNLOP</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>NYLON STANDARD PICK</span>DUNLOP NYLON STANDARD PICK
Nylon picks have always been popular. The low pick noise from their softer surface makes them the pick of choice for many acoustic players. And also gaining in popularity are the Wedgie Nylon picks with an enhanced grip. Have a look at the next item on the list - highly recommended. If you like Dunlop Nylons you'll love Wedgies.
Price: 0.42

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0.38mm    0.46mm    0.60mm    0.73mm    0.88mm    

<span style='color: #003366;'>WEDGIE NYLON XT</span> Standard Teardrop WEDGIE NYLON XT Standard Teardrop
If you enjoy Dunlop Nylon picks you will love these. With added texture for extra grip, these are great for hard attacking aggressive players who need a comfortable pick that won't slip while playing. Wedgie Nylons come in the familiar graded white - grey - black colours.
Price: (1 to 11 items) 0.45
Price: (12 or more items) 0.40

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<span style='color: #003366;'>WEDGIE DELRIN EX</span> WEDGIE DELRIN EX
Easy grip 'Wedgies' in Delrin polymer make playing more comfortable, accurate and easy on the fingers. The contoured shape fits the thumb perfectly improving feel and playability. The special Delrin blend ensures a clean sound and snappy release. Wedgie Delrin Picks are your same favourite pick but evolved for a better feel and less slip.
After you've tried Wedgies your flat pick will never feel the same again.
Price: (1 to 5 items) 0.48
Price: (6 to 11 items) 0.45
Price: (12 to 23 items) 0.42
Price: (24 or more items) 0.38

Choose Gauge
0.50mm light red   
0.60mm light/medium orange   
0.73mm medium yellow   
0.88mm med hvy green   
1.0mm heavy blue   
1.14mm extra heavy purple   

<span style='color: #003366;'>WEDGIE CLEAR XL</span>WEDGIE CLEAR XL
Wedgie Clear XL's come in a range of vivid colours that sound as good as they look. Made from polycarbonate polymer similar to the clear picks made by Fender and Dunlop, Wedgie Clears have the advantage of a contoured shape making them easier to grip and more comfortable to use.
Price: (1 to 11 items) 0.45
Price: (12 to 23 items) 0.42
Price: (24 or more items) 0.38

Choose Gauge
0.60mm green   
0.73mm purple   
0.88mm orange   
1.0mm red   
1.14mm yellow   
0.50mm blue   

<span style='color: #000080;'>GRIP</span> Picks (Six Pack)GRIP Picks (Six Pack)
Simple but unique in design to give better control, the GRIP Pick is shaped like a mini taco. The result.....better performance through increased accuracy. The six pack comprises 2 x Black, 2 x Pink and 2 x Green pick. All 3 picks are medium gauge.
Price: 2.99

Rotosound Plastic Finger Picks. Hand finished, polished and evenly bevelled.
Only Large Finger Picks in stock at the moment.

Price: (1 to 1 items) 0.85
Price: (2 to 2 items) 0.80
Price: (3 or more items) 0.75

Finger - Large (black)   

White thumb and finger picks by Jim Dunlop in medium and large sizes.
Price: (1 item) 1.20
Price: (2 to 2 items) 1.10
Price: (3 or more items) 0.99

Finger - Large   
Finger - Medium   

Planet Waves classic thumb and finger picks are produced from the highest quality celluloid and offer consistency and durability that is unmatched.
Price: (1 to 1 items) 0.99
Price: (2 to 2 items) 0.95
Price: (3 or more items) 0.90

Finger - Large   
Thumb - Medium   

<span style='color: #000080;'>The F-1 PICK</span> <span style='color: #800080;'> (pack of 3)  MEDIUM - right-handed version</span>The F-1 PICK (pack of 3) MEDIUM - right-handed version
The F-1 is an ergonomic adaptation of the standard plectrum. Looking a bit like a mini taco, it is comfortable and easy to grip and it doesn't slip out of your hand. Your hand stays relaxed, you can play longer and with greater freedom of movement. Chances are your string picking will become more accurate as well. The F-1 is highly recommended for beginner and intermediate guitarists who want to improve their playing technique with the minimum of effort. "Focus on playing the lick not holding on to the pick."
If you are interested in finding out a bit more about the F-1 and another new development (the X-1 Suspension Kit) why not visit And if you have back copies of Guitarist magazine , you might want to read Gadget Guru's comments - page 146, September 2000 Issue. "One of my favourite and most recent gadget acquisitions......They are still not all that common in the UK. But give it time and you'll have a job avoiding them........what a smart idea these are.." Gadget Guru.
Click to see F-1 in use.
Price: 4.95

<span style='color: #000080;'>X-1 PLECTRUM SUPPORT System</span> -  <span style='color: #800080;'>Pack of 4</span>X-1 PLECTRUM SUPPORT System - Pack of 4
Manufactured by the same producers of the F-1 pick, X-1's come with mega-sticky double sided pads for attaching your favourite plectrum. The X-1 provides the best of both worlds - comfort, security and playing accuracy of the F-1 combined with the 'feel' of your favourite plectrum. And, of course, they can be used by the right or left-handed player.
You can rest the X-1 support on your first finger or you can place your thumb on top of it. Or you can sandwich your plectrum between two X-1's and get a fantastic grip with both first finger and thumb. This gives excellent grip for players who may suffer from arthritic pain in the fingers or tendonitis (tennis elbow).
Price: 5.50

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