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<span style='color: #000080;'>QUICKSILVER Classical Strings -</span> <span style='color: #800080;'>Ball End - Normal Tension </span>QUICKSILVER Classical Strings - Ball End - Normal Tension
Ball End strings were created as a convenience for players and to simplify the restringing of a classical guitar. Comprising Nylon Trebles and Silver Plated Basses, this Quicksilver set is ideal for the beginner who wants an easy to install, easy to play set for their newly acquired Classical/Spanish/Folk guitar.
Price: (1 to 1 items) 5.95
Price: (2 or more items) 5.75

<span style='color: #000080;'>QUICKSILVER Classical Strings</span> - <span style='color: #800080;'>High Tension: Tie End</span>QUICKSILVER Classical Strings - High Tension: Tie End
Classical guitarists demand perfection from their instrument, their performance and their strings. Newstrings Quicksilver classical sets deliver with finely polished silver basses and crystal clear trebles. Quicksilver classical guitar strings are manufactured in the USA on computer controlled string winding machines to ensure perfect intonation and reproducible performance.
Price: (1 to 1 items) 5.75
Price: (2 to 5 items) 5.50
Price: (6 or more items) 5.25


Online Catalogue | Classical Guitar Strings |  STUDENT

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